Friday, 4 March 2011

Part 6

I believe that we have reached our audience, as our title sequence managed to attract the attentions of a lot of females who like vampire films. However, our audience feedback proved that, our title sequence also attracted the attention of males as they also were intrigued in our title sequence and wanted to watch more. One of the responses we got from our feedback was “I thought the video was intriguing and interesting. If it was turned into movie I would watch it.”

Another response we got was “How you put the camera sideways on the floor when she was being attacked in the woods was a good effect to make you feel she has actually fallen down,”. This quote shows that we reached our audience as, when we was planning to do this shot, the idea of it was to make the audience feel the girls anxiety and terror so that they can really connect with the film.

In our planning and production, to appeal to our audience young, female audience, we decided that Zac Efron should play the role of the boyfriend. We decided this as he is a very popular, attractive actor. We thought this would attract our audience, as if he was starring in the film, our target audience would want to watch the film.

Our opening scene confused the audience as they didn’t really know what was going on. I think this was the least successful part of our title sequence. “I didn't really get the bit where Charlotte is sitting on the bed and looking at the pictures.” In my opinion the idea to have an opening scene and the idea of the opening scene was a good idea, however the way it was filmed and edited doesn’t make it clear what is going on. I think the lighting in the scene could be darkened to connote Charlottes feelings after the loss of her friend and also there should be a musical devise shown in the scene to show the audience that the song playing is digetic sound. Also, I think the space between the title sequence and the opening scene should be a bit longer, to show the change of scene.

Part 5

The character of the vampire in our title sequence is untypical to its stereotype, as in a lot of vampire films and programmes, vampires are shown not to be able to go out in the day, however our chase scene , although it is set in the woods where it is dark, is set during the day.

Part 4

The plot of our film changed quite a few times, as we realised how difficult it would be to film the different effects needed, for a title sequence. Our original idea was a vampire love story, which was called “Love bite”. The plot was that Emily got turned into a vampire because the evil vampire had fallen in love with her; however, she was still in love with her boyfriend, who was going to be played by Zac Efron, which infuriated the vampire and made the boyfriend a target. Emily was trying to save her boyfriend, whilst the evil vampire was trying to kill him, which lead to a fight between Emily and the vampire, where the vampire gets killed at the end. But Emily is still left in a situation where she is a vampire, with a mortal boyfriend, so she has to make the choice of whether she wants to turn him into a vampire or keep him human, hence the name Love bite. We used Zac Efron as the boyfriend as he would appeal to the younger audience. However, we realised that this storyline was too similar to the one of Twilight, so decided to take the romance aspect out.

The genre of our film is made clear to the audience, as our title sequence consists of a chase scene. Chase scenes are very common in thriller films, as well as dark and sinister atmospheres such as the one we have in our title sequence. We have used different camera angles, such as worm’s eye angle, when Emily jumps over the camera and bird’s eye view when you see Emily running form a higher angle. We have also used point of view shots to build suspense and tension. A long shot is also used when you see the vampire and Emily run past the camera from a distance. Our varied camera angles help build the tense atmosphere of our title sequence. It also helps set the fast pace.

The music we used also helped build the pace of the title sequence, as it started off calm but increased in tempo as the pace of the running scene increased. The digetic sound of the scream sends out a distress signal and also creates a tense atmosphere because it makes the audience question what is happening to the girl as the title sequence does not make it obvious that it is a vampire film.

Our typography was found on final cut pro. I believe that it goes well with our title sequence as it sets an eerie atmosphere and works really well with the music. We also got a lot of positive feedback about how well the typography works with the tone and mood of our title sequence.

Part 3

I believe that Warner Bro. Company would distribute our media product as the films they produce have similar traits to ours. For example, The Warner Bro. produced all the Harry Potter films. These relate to our product as, it includes magic and adventure. Also, as it is about a supernatural world, and surreal characters. They also relate to our product as the atmosphere and tones of both films are dark sinister. The Harry Potter series would have the same target audience as “Bitten” as the audience would be quite young and would enjoy films based on make-believe fantasy. Warner Bro. pictures have produced a vast amount of dark sinister toned films, such as Batman and The Corpse Bride. The Corpse Bride also has a similar audience as our product, as its audience would also be young, and also consists of a dark and sinister atmosphere.

Part 2

Our film is targeted at mainly females of the ages 12-19. They would probably still be in full time education and would consume a fair amount of media such as magazines, radio, TV etc. which would make it easier for us to advertise our product. It would interest people, who like to pay close attention to what is going on, so they can unravel the storyline for themselves instead of having it laid out for them. Our film would interest this audience as the plot includes a lot of twists, which would need the concentration of the audience in order for them to be able to keep up and understand what is happening.

We carried out a small amount of pre-production research by interviewing a small group of mixed gendered teenagers. We asked them what they thought of our plot and several other questions on how they think the plot could be improved and whether they thought it was a good idea or not. The response we got was that it was a good idea to make a film on the same lines as “Twilight” as it is very popular, automatically interesting vampire lovers. However, although we wanted to go along the same lines as Twilight, we didn’t want it to be greatly associated with it, as it would limit our products audience. The male teenagers said they believed the idea and storyline of our product was good; however they did not have an interest in vampire films, so would not want to watch the film. We used this research by trying to appeal more to the male audience (although our target audience are females, we wanted to broaden it), by not making our storyline about a vampire romance, which we had originally planned to do, but to add an essence of action and horror. This also, helped as get off the same track as “twilight”.

Part 1

Our brief was to create a title sequence using the codes and conventions of a typical title sequence. For this project, I worked with Emily Hills and Charlotte Norman. We chose to create a title sequence for a vampire film. We decided to do this as “Twilight” is very popular amongst teenagers, so believed that a film based on the same genre would be a success amongst the teenager audience too. In the film a vampire is shadowing Emily (the girl) and her friends. After turning Emily into a vampire and making her friends and family believe she is dead, he goes after her friends; one by one, killing them for their blood. The genre of our film is thriller, as the main elements are suspense, tension and excitement. We have used suspense and tension to create a dismay atmosphere in the audience to make it clear to them what the genre of our film is. Our title sequence shows the audience, before the actual film starts, what genre it is as it includes a chase scene. This shows the audience genre as chase scenes are very common in thriller films. A sense of obsession, for a companion and blood, is also let off from the vampire, which also connotes a thriller genre.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

This is our first finished version of our title sequence. However, we have changed a few things on it like taking the bit of the vampire wiping his face off. We took this off as it did not look very realistic as there was not enough blood and the background was to light, which does not really go with the whole vampire theme. We also thought that the identity of the villain of the film should be kept a mystery, to make the title sequence subtle.
We also added an opening sequence in our Final finished version, which consists of a friend of Emily grieving over the death of Emily in her room.